Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

What makes Chinese Herbal medicine very effective and different from many other systems is the method of syndrome diagnosis and the vast range of herbs which have been tested on humans for at least 4000 years. The most important consideration in selecting a formula and the herbs to use is the individual. We are focused on the individual, not the disease and believe that by restoring harmony to the individuals body, mind and spirit the dis ease will be resolved. We do not select each individual herb for its pharmacological effect ( though much research has been done recently in this area ) but based on its ability to bring the body back to a state of health and harmony when combined in an effective formula.

The beauty of the Chinese approach to herbalism is that we can effectively treat the root and branches of any condition wether it be in the body, the mind or sometimes the spirit. We do not just treat the symptoms but try to ascertain the root causes of the condition and resolve them.

In my clinic I usually make my individualised formulas from pre boiled Herbal powders as I have found these to be the most effective and user friendly form of medicine. The client simply puts the required amount in a cup of hot water which can be sweetened with honey if required. I do not use any animal products or restricted herbs in my formulas and all the herbal powders used have been strenuously tested for heavy metals and other forms of pollutants.