Facial Rejuvenation

Your Skin is a Reflection of Your Inner Health

The practice of cosmetology enjoys a long and rich history in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since 1121 BC Chinese healers have developed special modalities to treat a variety of skin conditions using diet, acupuncture and Chinese internal medicine to heal both physical and mental ailments as well as to prevent disease and combat ageing. Conventional cosmetic therapies only treat your outer skin without addressing the root causes of any skin concerns thus providing only short term, temporary benefits. In TCM we consider that your external appearance is a reflection of your internal state and thus to make the external body look vibrant and healthy the internal system must also be in harmony.

While many people come to a TCM practitioner to fix their ills few come to help prevent them which is the original concept behind TCM. Cosmetology treatments do exactly this by using safe, natural herbal formulas to harmonise the internal system, remove pathogens and generally strengthen the natural energies of your body. The vibrant state of this internal balance is expressed naturally on the surface of the body and this is enhanced by using cosmetic acupuncture (with very fine disposable needles), massage techniques and external creams to nourish and tonify the skin and facial muscles. Conditions such as sagging, wrinkles, discolouration, dry or dull skin, eye circles, swelling and puffiness can all be improved by these techniques and the treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, energised and, hopefully, beautiful.