Tui Na. ( Acupressure massage )

Tui Na ( acupressure massage ) is a form of Chinese massage therapy based on the same diagnostic system and meridian system as Chinese acupuncture. The practitioner uses deep finger pressure and other techniques to stimulate specific points on the meridians for therapeutic effect.

It is a deep massage therapy which not only works on the muscles and joints, but also at a deeper level, by removing blockages and influencing the flow of vital life energy in the body. This ‘life energy’ is referred to as “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) and flows through the whole universe as the activating force for all life.

Within our bodies Qi flows through channels called “Meridians”. Meridians supply Qi energy to the organs, body tissues and mind. The Tui Na practitioner applies pressure to the Meridians at specific points to even out the flow of Qi through the body.

Chinese Medicine views disease as creating an imbalance in the flow of Qi. When your Qi flow is balanced you feel confident and energetic as it affects you emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical well being.

During treatment, the trained practitioner will do a full and detailed consultation making careful observations. It is essential that the therapist and patient have an awareness between them. Feedback received from the patient during massage guides the therapist towards the points to treat and the amount of pressure to apply.


Recent research into the fascia ( connective tissue ) of the body shows that deep stretching of the fascia and other more subtle techniques can release long term stress from the muscles and rectify postural problems.

Tui Na can have a similar affect on the body system to acupuncture but is particularly good for tissue and muscle related issues.
For musculoskeletal problems I usually give some Tui Na after the acupuncture treatment to help relieve spasm in the muscles and open up the fascia of the body thus increasing the circulation of Qi and Blood and allowing the traumatised area to relax.

After Tui Na treatment, the patient will usually feel relaxed, energised and happy however it can also release blocked emotional energy which may result in the patient feeling emotional afterwards. This is also considered a beneficial release.